Reasons to Attend

Reason One

Gainesville Baptist College and Seminary believes in, teaches, and defends the King James Bible.

Reason Two

GBCS is the ministry of a local Bible-believing independent Baptist Church (Hillcrest Baptist Church).

Reason Three

GBCS is affordable. Prices are kept low because of the burden of Hillcrest Baptist Church, and the sacrifice of the pastors who give their time to help the students.

Reason Four

GBCS has a faculty with long-term experience in preaching, pastoring, and Christian education.

Reason Five

GBCS has stability – it is in its 16th year of operation.

Reason Six

GBCS proudly teaches the heritage and history of Bible-believing Baptist churches.

Reason Seven

GBCS believes and battles for religious liberty!

Reason Eight

GBCS refuses to accept government accreditation and the compromises that come with it.

Reason Nine

GBCS has a great library of fundamental books.

Reason Ten

GBCS does not discriminate against nationalities, denominations or race. Nor do we accept homosexuals into the school or church, because it is against our beliefs. God does not condone it, and neither do we.